• Have You Been Sending Money to Your Family, Friends Or Relatives In Nigeria To Construct or Buy A Landed Property On Your Behalf?
  • Do you have any ongoing building/construction project in any part of Nigeria while you are residing overseas?
  • Do you want to confirm the genuineness or authenticity of the information being supplied you by your family members/contractor in respect of your property?

Our Firm recognizes that many Nigerians resident outside the country have properties bought and/or maintained on their behalf by family, friends or acquaintances. And because of the difficulties of distance and convenience, most of these Nigerians merely sent money to their loved ones and simply rely on the information fed them about the state of the property or the construction thereon.

We have witnessed many instances in the past when Nigerians resident abroad send their hard-earned money to their family and friends to purchase land, and start construction works thereon. Some of these family and friends convert some/all the money sent to their own use, and to cover up, give false information to the sender. After all, the sender is too far away to confirm the information. Some go to the extent of procuring false/forged documents and photographs as evidence of the extent of construction, while the helpless Nigerian overseas does not have any means of verifying this information. In most cases, it is already too late before the truth is discovered, and the helpless individual has nothing to show for all the money he had sent home on the property.

To forestall this situation, therefore, our Firm offers you the opportunity of independent verification of the information received in respect of your property. Our services in this respect include the following:

  • To confirm the actual location of the property in question.
  • To verify if there is actually any construction work on the said land, and to ascertain the actual state of the construction.
  • To report on such projects on your behalf in terms of the quality/quantity of materials being used, with the active collaboration of construction experts.
  • In the case of developed property, to confirm the actual state of the property, i.e., if it is tenanted or vacant; renovated or not; etc.

How it works:

You fill our Contact Us form and tell us the type of verification you desire. Please remember to include following information:

  • The full description of the property, i.e. whether bare land, developed property or property under construction.
  • The location of the property in Nigeria, (i.e. State, local government area, town and street name).
  • Contact person (where applicable)
  • Full details of the type of verification you need – i.e., whether physical visit to the site, report on the quality of work or building materials, etc.

When you submit this information, we’ll review it and inform you of the modalities and our fee. If satisfied, you will pay some deposits, and the balance upon completion of our verification but before the submission of the report to you.

Our reports are written and most often confidential. Where necessary, photographs of the property or copies of necessary documents are attached.

To start now, please click our Contact Us form here.