Our firm devotes considerable attention to issues relating to enforcement and protection of human and people’s rights as guaranteed under Nigerian Constitution.

Some of these fundamental human rights as provided for in Nigeria’s Constitution include:

  • Your Right To Life.
  • Your Right To The Dignity Of Your Person.
  • Your Right To Personal Liberty.
  • Your Right To Fair Hearing.
  • Your Right To Private And Family Life.
  • Your Right To Freedom Of Thought, Conscience And Religion.
  • Your Right To Freedom Of Expression And The Press.
  • Your Right To Peaceful Assembly And Association.
  • Your Right To Freedom Of Movement.
  • Your Right To Freedom From Discrimination.
  • Your Right To Acquire And Own Immovable Property Anywhere In Nigeria; And Freedom From Compulsory Acquisition Of Your Property.

We offer our professional experience in fighting, (within the ambits of the law), any violation of human rights by the police and other security agencies, as per the provisions of the Fundamental Rights Enforcement Procedure Rules in force.

We equally undertake claims for violations of human rights by citizens against fellow citizens.

Aside from the fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution, we strive to enforce the observance of all other basic rights reserved by several laws in the country, including consumer rights.

Where applicable, we make demands for monetary compensation for these violations as provided by our laws, the amount of which is at the court’s discretion to award.

Mind you, you do not have to wait for your human right to be violated before taking action. The Nigerian Constitution gives you the right to take preventive action to prevent an imminent breach of your right.

In England and Wales

Our solicitor work also covers human rights claims and enforcement.

In addition to this, we offer immigration advisory services in the following areas:

  • visa applications, refusals, appeals, reconsideration;
  • specialist business visa applications including Tier 1 (investors), Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) or the more general business visas such as Tier 2;
  • applications based on marriage, civil partnership, asylum, and human rights;
  • Indefinite leave to remain and settlement.

If you need the services of a lawyer in any of the above matters, then contact us by phone on +234909 601 6093 or use our contact us form here.

We look forward to being of service to you.