This is the core of our practice area. Our law firm deals with any and every issue that has to do with properties in Nigeria and England. Very soon, Ontario in Canada and Texas in US will be added to our jurisdictions.

We will render you our professional services in any of the following matters:

In Nigeria

  • If you want to buy any residential property anywhere in Nigeria, whether bare land, bungalow, duplex, detached building, mansion, block of flats, estate, etc
  • If you want to buy any commercial or industrial property anywhere in Nigeria, including land, factories, schools, petrol filling stations, gas plants, farmland, jetties, warehouse, sawmills, manufacturing plants, etc.
  • If you want to sell any residential, commercial or industrial property anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Dedicated property purchase for Nigerians living abroad. If you need any property to buy in any part of Nigeria, contact us. We will undertake the whole transaction on your behalf from start to finish, without you leaving your abode. Our over 22 years experience in property transactions will save you stress, time and money. Our professional integrity and honesty of purpose is your guarantee.
  • Negotiation and conclusion in property sales transactions in the purchase of family properties, properties of joint owners, property of a deceased owner or properties of a registered entity.
  • Property management, lease negotiation, residential and commercial developments
  • Preparation of your land purchase agreements including deed of assignment, deed of conveyance, purchase receipts,  power of attorney and other documents of transfer of tile including deed of gift, deed of mortgage, deed of release, etc.
  • Perfection of your land documentations including registration and obtaining your Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Governor’s Consent, upstamping.
  • Searches at the Land Registry, and verification of the title and title documents of any property you intend buying, to ensure that the seller has the title and capacity to sell.
  • Monitoring of any development or construction works anywhere in Nigeria to give you accurate up-to-date progress report on your building project.
  • Undertaking any land case or dispute in the high court, Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
  • Searches at the Survey Department to obtain Land Information Certificate and confirm the status of any land to determine whether it’s under government acquisition or not.
  • Obtaining the requisite regulatory permissions and approvals.

In England & Wales

  • Residential and commercial real estate conveyance.
  • We will advise and guide you in buying any residential or commercial property in England and Wales whether for personal or commercial use or for investment purposes.
  • We will provide you with professional advice on where to buy properties in England for investment, with the prospect of better returns.
  • For Nigerians at home who desire to buy landed properties in London, we will undertake the entire contract process on your behalf up to completion, without the need for you to leave your work or business.
  • We will perfect your land documentation process in England and Wales, ensuring that you are duly registered as the property owner.
  • We will also manage your properties in England and Wales on your behalf to ensure maximum returns on your investment.
  • Undertake land registry services including:
    1. Searching the title registers to determine who owns any property in England and Wales;
    2. Searching title plans to determine boundary of a property or settle boundary dispute;
    3. Obtaining title packs which will include the title register, title plan and all other documents held by HM Land Registry which may provide details including easements, covenants, rights of way, usage restrictions, leases, charges, boundary responsibilities, etc.
  • We will market and sell any of your properties in England for you.

International Real Estate

  • In the nearest future, we will be able to undertake legal services for real estate investment for Nigerians living in Ontario (Canada) and Texas (USA).
  • Clients in Nigeria will also be able to invest in properties in these jurisdictions.

If you need the services of a lawyer on any of the above matters, then contact us by phone on +234909 601 6093 or use our contact us form here.

We look forward to be of service to you.