At Jacobs & Bigaels, our personal and professional integrity remains our most cherished asset. This explains why we always strive to conduct our clients’ affairs to the best of our abilities, without compromising. And this probably explains why of late, a large percentage of our clients remain people who have not visited our offices physically but have continued to transact with us from overseas and long distances, without complaints.

We can say without any fear of contradiction that you can safely instruct us and be confident that your instructions will be fully carried out, within the ambits of the law. Our watchword is to make our clients our priority.

Of course, no human institution is perfect, including our firm. This is why we have made provisions for imperfections and complaints. If you have any issue regarding any of our personnel/services, please do not hesitate to send us your grievances via This email will be personally handled by our Managing Solicitor, and we assure you that whatever the issue is will be resolved.