Have You Confirmed The Genuineness Of Your Property Documents?

  • Do you want to confirm if your proposed property has any encumbrance (obstacles) before you buy it?
  • Do you intend to buy a landed property anywhere in Nigeria and want to confirm if the title documents are genuine?
  • Have you just bought land or landed property in any part of Nigeria while you are residing overseas?
  • Do you need independent search and verification of your title documents?

Our Firm recognizes that many Nigerians desire to buy properties but are not sure if the documents of title presented by the seller are genuine or not. Some do not even know the right type of documents to ask for when buying a property.

In many cases, a seller will tell you his documents are registered, when in actual fact they are not. How do you confirm this?

Some sellers and their agents go as far as procuring and presenting false/forged documents to you as evidence of title. Unfortunately, the innocent buyer does not know and cannot differentiate between a fake/forged document and an authentic one. He puts his money into the transaction only to discover that he has been duped.

In many instances too, the land you want to buy may have encumbrances (obstacles) which may affect the title or value. Some of these encumbrances include:

  • That the land is under government acquisition;
  • That the land is the site of a future proposed government/public project;
  • That the property is a pathway for gas pipeline, future road or expansion, electricity/power-line extension, non-residential area, etc.;
  • That the property is an easement or subject to a right of way or light;
  • That there is litigation on the property;
  • That the property is under mortgage, etc.

But the innocent buyer may not have an idea that the land has such obstacles until after payment of money. And most times, it is already too late to recover such money.

As legal practitioners, we will assist you to verify the genuineness of your title documents. If you desire it, we will also assist you to confirm if the property has any obstacle or not.

It does not matter whether the property is developed or undeveloped. And we will carry this out in any part of Nigeria.

It is better to spend a little to verify your title documents than to waste your hard-earned money on a property with encumbrances.


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We look forward to being of service to you.